A Prayerful Bible Study

Praying with the Word is exactly what it sounds like: reading the Bible grounded and surrounded in prayer. After delving into Scripture on our own, we gather to cover contextual ground and brief commentary before exploring what Holy Spirit might be revealing to us personally and collectively.
Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 10:00am-11:30am @ St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Sometimes it takes a couple of outside voices to make louder the more subtle nudgings of the Holy Spirit. Moving toward a more structured engagement of Scripture herself, The Rev. Sara Milford heard the request of others to begin a Bible study that would be both personal and educational. Not just for women and not just for Episcopalians, Praying with the Word is for anyone ready to take the step toward a deeper understanding of the Word and the impact of the Word on one's life.
Holy Scripture

Connecting & Learning

We're bound to find God's presence in our midst, either in our sharing or our studying.
[Illdy] - Skill

Staying in the Loop

Maybe you missed a meeting or are interested in what's going on--especially if you want to know what the next reading assignment is!--take a gander at our blog.
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Group Study

It's all about the relationships . . . with God, self, and each other.
Sara Milford
Sara Milford

Praying with the Word Facilitator

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

228 Spring Street Hot Springs, Arkansas
E-mail: smilford (at) stlukeshs (dot) org Phone: (501) 623-1653