Today marks the beginning of Praying with the Word, a Bible study for those willing to engage a relationship with Scripture and with others who are willing to make the journey. Nothing compares to face-to-face interaction, and relationships make all the difference, especially when it comes to a group study . . . especially when the study focuses on the Holy Scripture. This web site does not replace relationships, but it does provide a base of information for those who participate in the physical group. This site might also provide resources for others who are looking to form their own study group or for those who want to take a solo trek through the Word knowing that there are others on the journey, too.

We’ll share resources here. Maybe we’ll have photos to share. Comments will be enabled (subject to approval). Other features may become available as needs arise, as this entire process evolves with the group itself.

Again, this is just the beginning, and the site is in its infancy. Stay with us. More will come. In the meantime, we begin with our first reading assignment for our next meeting:

Sept. 22:   Genesis 1 – 25:11

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