This page will be a running list of helpful links–links to commentary, blogs, art, and whatever else we find enhances our study and prayer with the Word. Have suggestions? Send them our way!


  • WorkingPreacher : This site might reveal a bit much about how preachers prepare sermons, but the work provided by contemporary folks often sparks insight. Additional links to other topics, art, and resources fan the flames of research



Web pages worth visiting

  • OnBeing with Krista Tippett
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson — When it comes to the cosmos and science, this man tells it like it is!
  • The Bible Challenge — Read the Bible in a year with their prompts or study at your own pace with their audio lectures or study guides. Pretty amazing resource.
  • Read with the awareness that this is a Roman Catholic reference, the lessons and handouts are incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking: Agape Catholic Bible Study 


  • OnBeing (I like this one, can you tell?)
  • StarTalk (Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s radio show on science, pop culture, and comedy.)

Other resources

  • There’s a Hellenistic novella about Joseph and Asenath available via .pdf. (Genesis 41:45)
  • Curious about what numbers might mean in the Old Testament/Torah? This site might offer some insight, though the accuracy has not been verified and the sources cited are not recent.
  • The Bible Project offers videos, art (as in visual maps for the books of the Bible), and study guides. I haven’t vetted them all for their theology, but I appreciate their endeavor and like the Leviticus map and study guide.


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