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I’m enjoying my NIV Journaling Bible.

For study Bibles I recommend

Again, here’s a link to the Bible translations approved by The Episcopal Church.

Helpful Books

And God Spoke by Christopher Bryan has a succinct way of expressing how we Anglicans approach the Holy Scriptures. I refer to this little book often as a reminder of the significance of our sacred story and why engaging with the Word is so important.

Bible Women: All their words and why they matter by Lindsay Hardin Freeman provides a fabulous resource/catalog of the female characters in the Bible. Prepare to be fascinated by how much/how little women speak in both the Old and New Testaments.

A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: 2nd edition is what it sounds like, a fabulous resource for a theological understanding of the Old Testament for Christian readers.

Participant recommended:

These are books are entirely participant recommended, posted here for folks at the meeting who want to look into them for themselves.

Genesis by Robert Alter. Recommended especially for its literary criticism viewpoint.

Father Andrew Greeley‘s novels (fiction) were recommended for having a good message without being a sermon.


Curious what the High Priest might have looked like from Exodus 28? Click here.


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