Discussion today concluded our time on Genesis, the beginning stories of our even larger story, yet we know that there are themes, questions, and characters that will continue as we continue to engage with Scripture.

Themes like

  • promise & covenant
  • conflict
  • reconciliation
  • providence
  • family

Questions like

  • Why do we make the same mistakes as our forefathers/mothers?
  • How do we relate to God?
  • Why do we let our fear come before our trust in God?
  • What is the significance of wrestling with God?

Characters like

  • Isaac
  • Rebekah
  • Jacob
  • Esau
  • Rachel
  • Leah
  • Joseph
  • Benjamin
  • Tamar

These are just a few themes, questions, and characters, of course. Just as we cannot cover the significance of every verse or even chapter within the confines of our meeting time, neither is this post meant to capture everything revealed to us in our prayer, reading, and sharing. The stories that all of these topics come from, however, are our stories. We recognize family behaviors and see the long-reaching effects of choices people make between each other, let alone with God.

Some topics that got discussed today included creation (illustrating that just because it’s not part of the reading assignment does not mean it won’t come around again!), patriarchy, family, and God’s ability to work through even the most unlikely people and situations. We also spoke about the benefit of finding Truth in our Scripture, even if it lacks facts or presents historical and literary problems. Not that we turn a blind eye to science, reason, or our own experience but that we can comprehend the significance of our Holy Scriptures, especially in what is revealed about God and about how we as humans relate to and with God. I find myself constantly returning to this emphasis on being in relationship with God, particularly in the choices we make.

From the beginning of Genesis through the end, we can evaluate nearly every main character on how they perceive and relate to God. As I read, I find myself wondering about my relationship with God. How would I act differently? Would I do something different? I like to think that I wouldn’t put one child over and against another, but if I were in Rebekah’s or Jacob’s place, would I have done differently? How does this thinking affect my relationships today? . . . Such is the line of thinking that begins when I engage prayerfully with Scripture.

If you were at the meeting and want to add to these reflections, please leave a comment! If you’ve been doing the readings but haven’t made the meetings, you can leave a comment or question, too!

Visit the “resources” pages for links to material that came up in class–books and links.

Next meeting we begin with Exodus (ch. 1 – 20:21).

Prayers for you on the journey! +

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